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If the dog is used to being crated, will you provide a crate?
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Have you ever obedience trained a dog before?
Are you willing to attend obedience training with your dog?
How will you exercise your Boxer? How often? Please explain in detail:
How long do you think it will take a rescue dog to become adjusted to your home?
Are you willing to deal with housebreaking issues that sometimes occur with Rescue dogs?
What will your Boxer's eating schedule be?
Are you currently working with any other rescue groups? If yes, please list them:
How did you hear about Boxer Aid & Rescue Coalition (BARC)?
Do you agree that if you are ever unwilling or unable to keep a Boxer received through rescue the dog MUST be returned to the rescue?
What circumstances, in your mind, justify getting rid of a dog? Please be as specific as possible:
At what point would you consider euthanasia?
Do you agree to allow BARC to conduct a pre-adoption home visit?
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If there is no specific dog at this time, please leave menu set to "Select Boxer". Please keep in mind that we have new dogs coming in for evaluation on a regular basis.

You must meet all of the following below in order for your application to be processed: [Please Initial]
I certify that I am at least 21 years of age.
I agree that this is a valid and legal substitution for written signature on this legal document titled "Adoption Application"
I am stating that I am financially and physically able to care for this dog. I understand that proper food and veterinary care can be costly and I am able to meet these requirements:
I understand that if the information contained herein is found to be false my application can be refused or said dog adopted shall be relinquished to BARC without a refund of monies paid.
I understand that should I adopt from BARC, the adoption fee in its entirety goes toward the care for all of the rescue dogs and that this fee is nonrefundable.
I understand that if I am outside the coverage area of Boxer Aid & Rescue Coalition, Inc., (North Florida and South Georgia), my application will be forwarded to another Boxer rescue group who services my location.

Date: 02/17/2018


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