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"A dog has one aim in life... to bestow his heart." -J.R. Ackerly


Good boy McCoy! This pretty boy is a gentle soul, with great kindness. He is quiet and calm and very well mannered. McCoy enjoys lounging on his dog bed, eating treats and hanging with the family relaxing. He really enjoys attention and gives hugs as if to say "thanks!" McCoy also enjoys car rides and walks. He is an excellent companion and such a great boy to have around - his foster family will be sad to see him go, but very happy for his forever family!

McCoy came to us heartworm positive. We see this a lot in rescue, but he had a severe case and subsequent kidney damage. It's likely he'll need lifelong medication to keep his blood pressure in check. An adopter needs to know that his medication regimen will cost around $100/mo. ($40 for meds and $60 for food). He will need to be on a low protein/salt diet for life as well. A naturally "chill" personality, we're thinking it's because he knows he was rescued and finally getting the care he's deserved.

McCoy is 3 years old and currently weighs 60 lbs., but does need to put on some weight (about 10 lbs.). He is housebroken (needs a little attention at night, though), crate trained, walks well on a leash and knows a few basic commands. He is great with the other dogs in the house, large and small and good with kids.

****UPDATE MAY 2015****

As of his last vet visit, McCoy has graduated from medical hold and is ready for adoption! A couple things for potential adopters to be aware of, McCoy will be on two blood pressure pills for the rest of his life. He also will require specific "kidney" diet dog food (low salt, low protein). McCoy does require crating when left alone (he will otherwise find ways to express his displeasure that you have left). A reinforced crate is best that he can not break free from!

McCoy is housebroken, good on a leash, but most importantly, gets along with everyone and everything! He is a super happy guy that loves to play and to just be a part of the family in any environment.

If you would like more information on McCoy, please complete our online adoption application today. He is being fostered by Shae and Daniel in Jacksonville, FL.

Boxer kisses to Ryan Bergh of Pensacola, FL for sponsoring McCoy! [More]

  • Male
  • Jacksonville Area
  • B14-108


Chipper is just an all-around good boy. He likes to spend hours every day playing outdoors. He tosses his toys up in the air then runs around the yard with them. He'd like to go for a walk with you, he does well on his leash. Chipper gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home, but children and cats are an unknown.

Chipper is approximately 6 years old and housebroken. He is not rambunctious or destructive indoors, so he is not crated while home alone. Chipper is being fostered by Karen in Yulee, FL.

Boxer kisses to Cheryl C. of Pensacola, FL for sponsoring Chipper! [More]

  • Male
  • Yulee Area
  • B14-119


Before becoming a BARC rescue dog, sweet boxer blend Abigail spent her life outdoors and slept on the porch. She has now adjusted to her new life of luxury and enjoys sleeping on the sofa in her foster home.

Abigail is a refined senior gal. She walks well on-leash, she asks to get on the sofa with you. She gets along well with other dogs and she is always very cooperative. She is in good health and has a quiet demeanor. She would be an excellent companion for an older person who appreciates her fine qualities. She is being fostered by Karen in Yulee, FL.

Boxer kisses to Cheryl C. of Pensacola, FL for sponsoring Abigail! [More]

  • Female
  • Yulee Area
  • B15-056


Petey is an 11 year old white Boxer. He is impossible not to fall in love with. He is happiest when you're in his sight. Petey just wants to know where you are so he can curl up and nap. Petey is a very sweet and mellow guy who gets along great with other dogs and cats. Currently he is enjoying his daily walks on the beach, but what this sweetheart really wants is a family to call his own. Petey is being fostered by Wren.

Petey is on medical hold at this time.

Boxer kisses to Cheryl C. of Pensacola, FL for sponsoring Petey! [More]

  • Male
  • Jacksonville Area
  • B15-064


Frank is the perfect guy! Strong and handsome, he's young enough for long walks and old enough to be calm indoors. He learns quickly and is very attentive. Frank adores affection, yet is happy to lie quietly at your feet while you read. He enjoys stretching his legs in the big yard at his foster home.

Frank is believed to be around 7-8 years old and weighs 66 lbs. He is housebroken and gets along with other dogs, but no kitties or other small animals, please. He does well with children and learned the rules of his foster home fairly quickly. To learn more about this handsome boy, please complete our online adoption application today. Frank is being fostered by Karen in Yulee, FL.

Boxer kisses to Melissa and Phillip Schlesinger for sponsoring Frank! [More]

  • Male
  • Yulee Area
  • B15-075


Chili is a quiet, sweet, 9 - 10 year old boy who really enjoys being part of his foster family. He is full of life and loves meeting new humans and four-legged friends when he takes walks in the park. Chili knows basic commands, is house trained and is good on a leash.

He is being fostered by Mickey in Tallahassee, FL.

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  • Tallahassee Area
  • B15-100

Ellie May

Hi there! My name is Ellie May and am full of personality, so the couch potato life is not for me. I love to run and jump and play!

I am great at listening, but I need a strong leader. I'm so eager to play I get distracted, so I really need to know someone is in charge. I would be happiest in my new home as the only dog with all the human attention.

I am so good too that I don't need to be crated. I'm not some silly puppy-I'm eight years old and I know some things like don't chew-up stuff! I know how to sit, shake, lie down, and I'm getting really good at stay. I have one quirk though: thunderstorms scare me. I just can't help it, and when the thunder booms, you'll find me under the nearest bed or table that is closest to you. All-in-all I’m very spunky and cheerful, so if you are too I hope you'll come and meet me!

Ellie May is being fostered by Felicia in Jacksonville.

To sponsor Ellie May, please click here. [More]

  • Female
  • Jacksonville Area
  • B07-022


This sweet 6-7 year old, 40lb. boxer blend is Breighly. Breighly was recently surrendered to BARC as her owner was no longer able to keep her. Breighley is good with other dogs and with kids too but no kitties please. She does fairly well on a leash and knows some basic commands. Breighly loves to play, cuddle and go for rides in the car. She appreciates a little paw-holding during scary thunderstorms.

Breighly is being fostered by Lori in Tallahassee.

To sponsor Breighly, please click here. [More]

  • Female
  • Tallahassee Area
  • B15-108


Wanted – Sidekick

Looking for someone to provide belly rubs and butt scratches after a long day of playing ball.

This 5 year old boxer blend is as playful as they come. Such a good girl, she walks well on a leash, knows basic commands and is housebroken, but not a huge fan of her crate. She likes kids, other dogs and is said to be pretty good with the kitties too.

Butterbean is happiest when she is close to her humans and will follow you around the house most of the time. The Best Part – No doggie waking you up on your days off. She will sleep as long as you do.

To adopt this adorable wiggle butt fill out the online application today!

Butterbean is being fostered by Tammy.

Click here to watch a fun video of Butterbean playing.

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  • Female
  • Greater Jacksonville Area
  • B15-115


Have you heard the saying “There may be snow on the roof, but there’s still fire in the furnace?” That perfectly describes this handsome boy. Connor is that perfect blend of calmness brought on by maturity while still retaining the boxer’s fun-loving nature. Connor LOVES people – all people - short, tall, young, old, male and female. He is very vocal, especially when meeting new people (his favorite thing to do).

Every day, Connor plays with his toys and will "talk" to them and even bark while he is playing with them. He is pretty active and will run around the back yard and do "zoomies" in the house. We don't think he knows he is 11 years old!

Connor weighs 61 lbs., and is housebroken, crate trained (but doesn’t particularly like it or need it), knows basic commands and walks well on a leash. He loves snuggling, tug-of-war, car rides and long walks around the neighborhood. Connor picks up new commands quickly and likes to please. If you would like more information on this cutie, please fill out our online adoption application. He is being fostered by Diana in Tallahassee, FL.

Click here to watch a video of Connor out on his daily walk.

Boxer kisses to Cheryl C. of Pensacola, FL for sponsoring Connor! [More]

  • Male
  • Tallahassee Area
  • B15-132


6 -7 year old, pretty girl Hadley is new to the BARC program; please check back for updates. She is being fostered by Connie.

To sponsor Hadley, please click here. [More]

  • Female
  • Tallahassee Area
  • B15-137


Hello, my name is Bijou and I am 3 years old. I love people I know I can trust. I love my toys, especially the ones with squeakers! I hope you will let me sleep in your room at night but don't worry I won't try to get in your bed. I'm crate trained but every now and then I break out just for fun. I like to go on walks but I like it even more when I go to the dog park. Other dogs are my friends, but sometimes too many people overwhelm me. I like to cuddle and be close to my owners. If you want a playful, adventurous, loving friend in your life then I'm the dog for you.

Bijou is being fostered by Angela & Amanda.

To sponsor Bijou, please click here. [More]

  • Female
  • Panama City Area
  • B15-140

Featured Boxer- Reduced Adoption Rate $100 - Anya

7 year old Anya’s foster mom stays impressed with how obedient Anya is. Anya is a graduate of obedience school, you know. She never fails to follow the command ‘come’ unless there is a vacuum cleaner between her and her foster mom, Anya is not going anywhere near that vacuum cleaner. And who can blame her?

Like a typical boxer, sweet Anya follows her people everywhere. She will even walk away from a chew treat when her human leaves the room just to stay close to them.

Anya gets along well with all dogs, big or small, but is not a fan of the neighborhood cat that keeps visiting the backyard. She likes to run and also plays well with children. She will shake hands and give high fives. She enjoys going for rides in the car as well as walks on the leash.

Anya is not aggressive but will bark when someone comes to the door. She is timid of strangers but warms up once she gets comfortable. She is housebroken, and is not crated while her foster mom is away, as she is 100% trustworthy when left alone in the house.

Anya is being fostered by Ariellah.

To sponsor Anya, please click here. [More]

  • Female
  • Greater Jacksonville Area
  • B15-138


Urban’s foster mom says that Urban is a perfect, perfect boy. Yes that’s right, she said perfect twice. Even when he acts like a brat, he is a perfect perfect brat!

Urban is great with other dogs, cats and kids too. He is great on the leash and loves to go for walks. He never barks at anyone and is happy to see everyone he meets. His favorite phrase is bye-bye. He knows that means he is going for a ride in the car.

8 year old Urban is a laid back, chill kind of boxer. He might have been a couch potato, but he knows to stay off of the couch, so maybe we should call him a rug potato.

Urban loves his humans so much, he would do best in a home where he is not consistently left alone too many hours.

Urban is being fostered by Bonnie.

To sponsor Urban, please click here. [More]

  • Male
  • Greater Jacksonville Area
  • B15-145

Foster Home Needed - Yvette

This is two year old Yvette. Yvette loves her rope toy, and enjoys tugging on it or running after it. She knows the game of fetch really well and enjoys playing with her tennis ball in the yard. She will bring you her toys and knows "drop it". Yvette enjoys play time but equally enjoys laying by her person and getting loved on. She makes an awesome walking partner because of her leash manners, unless there is a cat or squirrel around. She is still learning to control her excitement and not get distracted by smaller critters that may be around the neighborhood on her daily walks. She is very alert, but is getting more relaxed each day. She knows basic commands (sit, stay, down, drop it) and is very polite when waiting for her food and treats. She loves everyone she meets, even of the smaller kind! Yvette has visited with a 17 month old and gently took treats from the toddler and gave tons of kisses in return! She is slowly learning what "enough" means, because sometimes she gives too many kisses! Yvette also hung out with a 6 and 7 year old boy for a few hours and fit right in! She wasn't interested in their toys, only her own, which she shared with the boys nicely. She was happy to play fetch and tug with them. She allowed the boys to walk her on leash and she disregarded the boys' own game of football and basketball. Yvette is choosy about her doggie friends so she may do best as an only dog. As Yvette is always looking for an adventure, her adoptive home should have a 6 foot fence, as she easily clears a 4 foot one. Yvette stays in her crate during work hours and at first she didn't like being left in her crate but she's getting used to the daily routine and beginning to realize she is not going to be stuck in the crate forever. Yvette sleeps in her crate through the night (in the same room as her people and foster siblings) and goes in it on her own with anticipation of her special treat. Yvette is found lying in her crate quietly when her people return from work. This petite 54 pounds of wiggles is a well-rounded boxer and has lots of love and joy to bring. She is being fostered by Jocelyn.

Yvette currently needs a new foster home and will do best in a home with no other dogs.

Click here to watch a sweet video of Yvette at play.

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  • Female
  • Greater Jacksonville Area
  • B15-152


Sweet & Adorable 1 year old Mollie is new to the BARC program; please check back for updates. Mollie is currently on a behavioral hold while we work on her training. [More]

  • Female
  • Greater Jacksonville Area
  • B15-070


1/27 Update.

Just look at all of the progress Clue has made in the last 5 weeks. Healthier and gaining some much needed weight, he looks like a totally different boy. Now would be a great time to fill out an adoption application to get the ball rolling.

Sweet boy Clue is the reason we do what we do. Recently sprung from a Miami shelter this boy is in rough shape with secondary skin infections caused by untreated mange, painful dental problems, eye infection, dehydrated and emaciated. But it won’t be long now till he is ready to find his forever home. Already on antibiotics for his skin and scheduled to get his teeth worked on this week, Clue is getting the best medical attention around. Then all this 5-6 year old boxer blend will need is to ring in the New Year with a family of his own. Check back regularly here or on our facebook page for updates on his progress.

Boxer kisses to Cheryl C. of Pensacola, FL for sponsoring Clue! [More]

  • Male
  • Greater Jacksonville Area
  • B15-156


3 - 4 year old Yahtzee is new to the BARC program. Please check back for updates as his foster family gets to know him better. Yahtzee is being fostered by Tracy.

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  • Male
  • Gainesville Area
  • B15-158


9 year old Stormy is new to the BARC program; please check back for more information as we get to know her. She is being fostered by Tammy

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  • Female
  • Jacksonville Area
  • B16-006


10 year old Bill is new to the BARC program; please check back for more information as we get to know him. He is being fostered by Holly.

To sponsor Bill, please click here. [More]

  • Male
  • Jacksonville Area
  • B16-013


Gorgeous blue eyed, 5 year old boxer blend, Nikita just arrived at her foster home. Check back for more information and new photos as we get to know her better.

Nikita is being fostered by Shannon.

To sponsor Nikita, please click here. [More]

  • Female
  • Jacksonville Area
  • B16-011


10 year old Wally is new to the BARC program. Please check back for updates. Wally is being fostered by Anne.

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  • Male
  • Anne Area
  • B16-016


Meet 5 year old boxer blend Bear. Please check back for updates as he gets settled into his foster home. Bear is being fostered by Heather

To sponsor Bear, please click here. [More]

  • Male
  • Tallahassee Area
  • B16-012


1 - 2 year old Napoleon is new to the BARC program. Please check back for updated photos and bio information.

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  • B16-018


1 1/2 year old Cadence is a happy go lucky boxer girl who loves to shower you with kisses and love. She is a typical 60 lb. pup full of energy and excitement. She loves to run fast, play and chase lizards and squirrels. But she also likes to join you on the couch for some cuddle time. She is naturally curious, eager to learn and wants to please her humans. She walks well on a leash but will tug if she sees a lizard. Cadence if very picky about her animal friends, she would probably do best as an only dog.

Cadence is being fostered by Robin.

To sponsor Cadence, please click here. [More]

  • Female
  • Gainesville Area
  • B15-146


Cagney is a total couch potato, who would love nothing more than to spend all day cuddling on the couch with his humans. While he is no longer a puppy, he does love to have boxing matches with his 2 year old fur brother who is twice his size. Cagney can be a little shy in new places or meeting new people, but just needs a little encouragement to warm up to everything and show what a sweet and fun guy he is. Cagney is 6 years old and weighs approximately 60 lbs.; he is housebroken, crate trained, walks well on a leash and knows basic commands. He is doing great in a multiple-dog house and shows no signs of jealousy. Cagney is nonreactive to other dogs and humans out for walks and will even ignore squirrels. He has a low prey drive and we think he might do well in a home with cats.

To sponsor Cagney, please click here. [More]

  • Male
  • DeFuniak Springs Area
  • B15-096


2 year old Carlie is new to the BARC program. Check back for more information and additional photos as she settles into her foster home.

Carlie is being fostered by Kelly & Chris.

To sponsor Carlie, please click here. [More]

  • Female
  • Jacksonville Area
  • B16-020