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10 BOXER Temperament Traits

by Eve Adamson

Reprinted from the Popular Dogs Series with permission from the publishers, BowTie Inc. This article was written by Eve Adamson and originally appeared in Boxers (Volume 11).


1. Exuberance Unleased.

Are You Ready?

  • Are you a the glass-is-half-full person?
  • Do you look to your dog to put you in a good mood?
  • Are you patient with high energy?
  • Do you like people and dogs that don’t take life too seriously?

 2. Forever young.

Are You Ready?

  • Are you sorry to imagine the end of puppyhood or do you imagine counting the days until your dog finally grows up? If you are counting the days, consider another breed.
  • Do you prefer a mature dog? A stately, quiet, mostly decorative dog? If so, consider another breed
  • Do you think a large dog running in wild circles around your living room is funny, or appalling? If you think it's funny, you'll appreciate a Boxer.

 3. Busy Bodies.  

Are You Ready?

  • Do you have the time and interest to get involved in activities with your Boxer? If not, consider a less active breed.
  • Do you think agility would be a blast?
  • Are you ready to take a few extra steps, such as fortifying a fence or securing a kennel, to keep your dogs safely confined when necessary?
  • Do you look forward to daily training time and daily interactive playtime, or do they sound too much like chores? If you think inventive and play-motivated training sounds fun, you’ll do well with a Boxer.

 4. Stimulation Required.

Are You Ready?
  • Are you prepared to take you Boxer puppy to obedience classes and to continue training throughout your Boxer’s life?
  • Can you afford a wide range of stimulating chew toys?
  • Are you ready for a few slip-ups, mishaps, occasional laspses and the loss of a few shoes or a couch cushion or two? Will you remember that if your Boxer does destroy something, you are probably more at fault?

 5. Independent Companion.

 Are You Ready?

  • Do you like a dog to hang around but not be glued to your side? Or, do you prefer a dog that is tuned in to your every move, mood and desire? If you want a “Velcro dog”, consider another breed.
  • Do you want a dog that learns through lots of repetition or do you prefer the challenge of constantly inventing new, fun ways to train? If the latter, a Boxer may be just right for you.

 6. Jumping For Joy.

Are You Ready?
  • Will you become flustered at rowdy activity every time someone visits your home? If so, consider another breed.
  • Are you prepared to socialize your Boxer from puppyhood on by introducing it to many different situations and people?
  • Are you willing to have and use a kennel or crate to keep your Boxer under control when necessary?

 7. Love The One You’re With.

Are You Ready?
  • Do you want a dog that prefers you to all others in your family? If so, consider another breed.
  • Do you want a dog that loves everyone equally?
  • Are you interested in adopting a well-mannered adult?

 8. Any Friend Of Yours.

 Are You Ready?
  • Do you want a dog that will let you know when someone approaches your house?
  • Do you want a dog you can trust not to be prone to attack people?
  • Are you content with a dog that looks scary but doesn’t actually have a mean bone in its big burly body?

 9. Wanna Make Something Of It?

 Are You Ready?
  • Are you prepared to walk your Boxer on a leash and train it so that it is under your control at all times around other dogs?
  • Do you have a cat or do you live in an area with lots of wildlife? Are you prepared to deal with the Boxer’s prey drive, should it surface?

 10. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Are You Ready?
  • Are you a “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” kind of person yourself? If so, you and your Boxer will be kindred spirits.