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Meet 4 year old Oz.Oz is an extremely handsome young guy and he loves to steal toys from his canine brothers and sisters, especially the ones with squeakers.

He is a talker; not a barker, but a talker. He complains bitterly if one of his brothers or sisters will not play with him or they have stolen his toy but he never loses his happy demeanor. When offered another toy in its place, he happily takes it and scampers off to entice someone to chase him.

He has mastered the art of hide and seek around the big oak tree and tug-of-war with the knotted ropes. He loves his canine companions and often sleeps with his head or paw on one of them.

He has a great temperament and the face of an angel. He enjoys attention and recognition. He is one really smart guy. He does prefer praise over treats but he does heartily enjoy his biscuits too.

If everyone growls then he helps out and growls too, but he looks around at you to see if you have any idea what the growling is about or maybe if he is doing it right. He is really a riot.

He loves his meals but he is very cooperative. He knows it goes by seniority and though he wiggles with anticipation he never jumps the line. He respects the rules and the other dogs like him because he is a standup guy.

You cannot help but love him because he is the definition of lovable. He loves to ride, he loves his companions, he loves visitors, he loves the yard, he loves his bed, he loves biscuits, he loves attention and he just plain having loves his human and giving big sloppy kisses to prove it. If you are interested in him please fill out an online adoption application today

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