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Helloooooo nice person! I'm Brooke; who are you? You say you're looking for a Boxer girl??? That's amazing! Because I am a Boxer girl! You say you knew that? That you came to BARC looking for ME? Truly? Well, isn't that amazing! I guess that means we're going to be best friends FUR-EVER!

This 4 year old 50 lb. beauty was left behind at a North Carolina shelter when her military family had to move. Once BARC was contacted she has been living the good life as a much-loved foster boxer.

Brooke is just the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. She loves the toddlers, the grown-ups and has fantastic manners. She knows sit, stay, off and down. She is house trained and not crated often as she is perfectly trustworthy while her humans are away.

Not wanting to be a freeloader, Brooke is pulling her own weight in her foster home. She has appointed herself Chief of Security, letting her humans know whenever someone approaches or knocks on the door by barking enthusiastically.

Brooke and her puppy-like silliness will forever keep you laughing. She is more fun to watch than the television. But should you decide to watch TV anyway, she will be beyond happy to snuggle up next to you. To bring Brooke home before Christmas, fill out the online application today.

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  • Female
  • Greater Jacksonville Area
  • B15-139-1