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Hi, I'm Sadie. I am eight years young with a lot of spunk. I can jump six feet in the air, but for the most part I am a calm, gentle dog. I was surrendered to a shelter when my owners decided they no longer wanted me or my basset hound brother. I did have some puppies about three years ago- I suppose my owners got what they needed from me and then decided that I wasn't worth caring for any longer. They stopped giving me heartworm prevention and later dumped me in the shelter. As a result, I am heartworm positive, but I am on prevention to help get rid of those worms. Due to me being a middle-aged lady, and the fact that I am better left out of the crate (I have some anxiety about crates but I'm fine without one), BARC veterinarians recommended I be treated using a Heartguard regimen rather than the faster course of treatment. I wag my little butt and I'm quite a show off. I'm liking my foster home, but can't wait to find a home of my own again!

Sadie is being fostered by Dana and Matt in Statesboro, GA.

Boxer kisses to Kimberly Hatley of Plant City, FL for sponsoring Sadie! [Back]

  • Female
  • Statesboro Area
  • B08-056

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