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"A dog has one aim in life... to bestow his heart." -J.R. Ackerly


Chalupa is a very sweet, gentle and kind boy, who just loves being around people. He had a tough start in life and was found by some people beside a road, emaciated and injured. He has recovered fully, and although he walks with a slight limp, it doesn't slow him down at all! [More]

  • Male
  • Greater Jacksonville Area


Zoey is a very sweet girl who loves to follow her foster dad around. She gets along great with the other dogs in the house and watches over them like they are her own. If you are playing rough with another dog and Zoey things you are hurting him, she will "talk" to you until you stop - very cute! She runs and plays in the backyard and is doing well in her foster home. [More]

  • Female
  • Jacksonville Area


Talley is your typical boxer, following you wherever you go. She is very playful and has to check out everything you are doing. She thinks she is a lap dog and is a very sweet girl. [More]

  • Female
  • Gainesville Area

Mustang Sally

Mustang Sally’s cuteness is so powerful it might actually knock you over the first time you meet her. Sally is wonderful in the home and is completely house-trained. She likes to show off the commands that she knows. Sally loves to run around outside and play fetch and catch. This adorable 5 year old came to BARC, along with her brother Louie, in need of some TLC. It won't be long now though and Sally will be all filled out at a healthy weight. [More]

  • Female
  • DeFuniak Springs Area


Louie is a 7 year old male, new to the BARC program; please check back for updates. He is being fostered by Gayne in Lynn Haven, FL. [More]

  • Male
  • Lynn Haven Area

**** Featured Boxer *** Mia

What an adventure Mia is having. First she was abandoned at a kennel, then she was picked up by some nice pilots with Soaring Paws who flew her to her BARC foster family in the PanHandle. They told her she was a VIB (Very Important Boxer), and they were right! Mia is a firecracker. She may be smaller than her foster brother Cruise, but she runs as fast and plays as hard and can jump even higher. She’ll have you laughing out loud when you see her evade him in a game of tag by jumping over his head! This energetic little boxer is an absolute blast to hang out with.

This 3 year old has fantastic manners in the house. She is housebroken and crate trained. She walks right into a crate all on her own when she is ready for a nap. Speaking of walking, she does well on her leash too! Mia loves to play with other dogs, and doesn't mind kitties. She is a great cuddler and every now and then will give the sweetest, softest little kiss. Check back for more updates as Mia's foster family gets to know her better. Mia is being fostered by Cindy & Dave in DeFuniak Springs,FL. [More]

  • Female
  • DeFuniak Springs Area


This handsome 18 month old is new to the BARC program; please check back for updates as his foster family gets to know him. Saint is being fostered by Kirby, in St. Augustine, FL. [More]

  • Male
  • St. Augustine Area