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"A dog has one aim in life... to bestow his heart." -J.R. Ackerly


Fiona is a two year old, non-hearing boxer blend female. She may be small at 49 lbs., but her lively personality and loving nature more than make up for her petite stature. Fiona will sit for a treat and knows the sit hand signal as well. Fiona would do well in a home with a companion dog and would be a wonderful addition for an active family. Fiona is being fostered by Daniel in Tallahassee. [More]

  • Female
  • Tallahassee Area


Okra is a 9 year old female, who is a very sweet, calm girl. She loves to just chill by your side, although there is a lot of spring in her step. She's definitely a lap dog and constantly tries to cuddle. Okra enjoys chasing her tennis balls around the house! [More]

  • Female
  • Greater Jacksonville Area


Tyler is a six year old male, who was isolated in a small fenced-in area for the last two years, because his owner passed away. Since coming into the BARC program, he is adjusting very well to the good life at his foster home and loves being inside again. Tyler has started playing with his foster brothers and sister and enjoys being around people. [More]

  • Male
  • Jacksonville Area


Louisa is what we call a boxer blend, or shadow boxer, but whatever you want to call her, call her CUTE! Louisa is one of Maria’s puppies and will be available around the end of April; she will have a natural tail and be neutered, and will be adopted at our mixed dog fee of $175.00.


If you are interested in Louisa or any of these puppies, please complete our online adoption application today. This little family is being fostered by Barbara and Jim in Yulee, FL.

Click here to watch an adorable video of the puppies.

Click here to watch a recent video of the puppies. [More]

  • Female
  • Yulee Area


Luther is a 3 1/2 year old male, new to the BARC program; please check back for updates. He is being fostered by Emily in Pensacola, FL. [More]

  • Male
  • Pensacola Area


Patches is a 2 year old male, new to the BARC program; please check back for updates. He is being fostered by Lisa. [More]

  • Male
  • Greater Jacksonville Area


Sierra is a laid back little boxer girl; she loves her humans and follows them from room to room, but does not jump on them or face lick. Inside, she is happy to chill on her pillow with her chew toys and stays off of beds and furniture. Sierra is very well behaved and does not chew on anything that does not belong to her. [More]

  • Female
  • DeFuniak Springs Area