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"A dog has one aim in life... to bestow his heart." -J.R. Ackerly


Say hello to Tango, a fantastically loyal and loving boxer boy. Tango, who came to BARC when his owner passed away, is doing great in his new foster home and getting along well with the boxer who lives there. [More]

  • Male
  • Jacksonville Area


This handsome 18 month old is new to the BARC program; please check back for updates as his foster family gets to know him. Saint is being fostered by Kirby in St. Augustine, FL. [More]

  • Male
  • St. Augustine Area


4 - 5 year old Kirsey is new to the BARC program; please check back for updates. Kirsey is being fostered by Tammy in Jacksonville, FL. [More]

  • Female
  • Jacksonville Area


What is better to find in an Easter basket than a solid milk chocolate bunny? Why a Kiwi, of course! 40 lbs. of pure sweet love! She won't melt and she won't make you gain weight. Maybe even the opposite, as she really likes to go for walks and is so good on a leash.

This smart, playful and loving 3 year old Boxer girl just recently arrived at her BARC foster home, but she is fast fitting in. She is 100% house trained plus knows how to sit and stay. She loves to cuddle and nap with her boxer foster brother Cruise, but we don't know how she is with kitties as her foster parents are dog people, as you might expect.

What Kiwi really wants for Easter is a family of her own. So if you are finding it hard to resist her puppy eyes and her wiggle butt, fill out an adoption application today. [More]

  • Female
  • DeFuniak Springs Area


This gorgeous 2 1/2 year old boxer Boy is new to the BARC program; please check back for updates. Banjo is being fostered by Brian in Tallahassee, FL. [More]

  • Male
  • Tallahassee Area


Lindy is a 3 1/2 year old wonderfully adorable Boxer Pug blend who came to BARC from a shelter partner. She’s a beautiful little girl who shows a perfect mix of Boxer and Pug traits. Her coat is boxer brindle with pug under coloring. Her body and face is miniature boxer, and her ears and tail are pug! Her temperament is a pretty perfect blend, too! She is playful, affectionate and very smart and responsive. She’s already comfortable in her crate and came to us completely potty-trained! [More]

  • Female
  • Greater Jacksonville Area


14 month old Apache is new to the BARC program; please check back for updates. Apache is being fostered by Tammy in Jacksonville. [More]

  • Male
  • Jacksonville Area


Hi my name is Sasha,

I am 15 mo and 51 lbs. I know some basic commands like; sit, down (for lay down) and wait. (I have to sit and wait for my food) and I have a release word of alright.

I am housebroken, crate trained and I can use a dog door. I will talk to you a little after the door on my crate closes but after that I am quiet.

I like other dogs and kids, don't know about cats yet. I love to play ball and to learn new things, so a tennis ball would be a great reward for me while I learn new commands (since I am play driven) but don't get me wrong, food works too!

I have a lot of energy and would be great for someone who is very active or who has children with lots of energy to burn. I'm currently wearing out the 2 legged and 4 legged kids in my foster home. [More]

  • Female
  • St. Augustine Area


Pippin is 16 months old and weighs almost 60lbs. She is your typical full of energy boxer puppy. She is crate trained, housebroken and knows her basic commands (sit, stay, shake and lay down). She walks great on a leash. Pippin loves children but she has lots of energy and is bouncy so watch out for the little ones. She loves running off that energy racing around the garden and chasing a ball. She plays really well with other dogs big and small. She is the sweetest dog and loves to cuddle and be petted; she will make an excellent addition to any family. Pippin is being fostered by Karen in Panama City, FL. [More]

  • Female
  • Panama City Area


2 year old Choco, with the dazzling eyes, is new to BARC. Please check back for updates as his foster family gets to to know him. Choco is being fostered Carol in Fernandina. [More]

  • Male
  • Fernandina Area