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I can foster a rescue dog. Please complete this form as well as our adoption application (indicate fostering on your app). Our foster homes are screened in the same manner as our adoptive homes. We hope that you will want to foster and help more dogs find new homes!
I can help transport rescue dogs.
I can pick up rescue dogs from surrendering homes or animal shelters and bring them to designated foster homes.
I can inquire at area pet stores for dog food and/or monetary donations for rescue dogs.
I can discuss Boxer Aid & Rescue Coalition with my veterinarian and ask if he/she will offer discount rates for rescue dogs.
I want to speak with a representative of Boxer Aid & Rescue Coalition before responding.
I understand that as a volunteer for B.A.R.C. I will provide my own automobile and health insurance and hereby agree not to hold B.A.R.C. Inc or any of its volunteers, associates or foster care providers liable for any physical, emotional or property damages that are a direct or indirect result of activities involved in the placement, transport, grooming, training or evaluation of Boxers in any way associated with B.A.R.C. Inc. This includes any and all activities I perform as B.A.R.C volunteer.
Signed: Date: 02-17-2018

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Boxer Aid & Rescue Coalition, Inc!

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*Form created by Donna Welton, SCBR Volunteer
Used by permission of Second Chance Boxer Rescue, ME